WooCommerce Wave Connector

The best WordPress plugin to Automatically Sync data between your WooCommerce store and Wave Accounting.

What is WooCommerce Wave Connector?

Venus WooCommerce Wave Connector is an easy and intuitive plugin to link the data between your WooCommerce store and your Wave Accounting app instance.

The Venus WooCommerce Wave Connector is designed to reduce your data entry load to zero while giving you full control over your data.

Let Venus WooCommerce Wave Connector handle your data entry so you can spend time doing what you love – grow your business.

Export Products, Customers and Invoices

Ability to export products, customers and invoiced new or old with just One click.

Import Products and Customers

Ability to import products and customers new or old with just One click.

Automatic real-time sync

Just as a product, customer or order is created in WooCommerce, it is exported to Wave in real time.

Bulk Import and Export

Want to export or import your to Wave in one click, not a problem as we have got you covered.

Manual Import and Export

Do not want the automatic sync or only you want to import or export data on demand, or you want to be selective? Good news, that is all absolutely possible.

2-way Data Sync

Venus WooCommerce Wave Connector doesn’t just transfer data from WooCommerce, it also imports the data from Wave when needed, making sure that no data is duplicated.

Flexible mapping

Worried about duplicates? With the help of our flexible and powerful mapping module Venus WooCommerce Wave Connector will never duplicate a product customer or order.

Human Support

Real human support throughout the week. This is what makes our product stand apart and we are proud of it.

Utilise the power of the most popular E-commerce plugin with the best accounting software.

Featured Reviews

Great plugin for Wave and WooCommerce! This plugin reduces bookkeeping efforts considerably. Customer support has been excellent as well. Thanks!

Chris Lange

Tacuna Systems

Great customer support. Prompt feedback and sorted out the issues in no time.


Bought this plugin to save me tons of manual entry work, there were some issues with the synchronisation due to country codes, but the support worked out the problem despite being complex, very responsive and professional trouble-shooter! I highly recommend, Wave Accounting is so compact unlike other softwares out there in the market.

Unlimited real time data sync

Built for consistency and performance from scratch, WooCommerce Wave Connector is a must have plugin for your WooCommerce store.

No monthly payment

No limitations. Venus WooCommerce Wave connector is absolutely yours after the purchase.

No third party servers in between

Stay out of the reach of prying eyes. Your data is hosted on your site. WooCommerce wave connector doesn’t involve any third party server in between.

Increase Accuracy

To err is human. It’s waaaay better to automate the things that machine can do for you. Save 10+ hours every week.

Need help getting started?

Get free setup via Skype.

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To read documentation, head over to the doc site.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I setup the plugin?

Please go through our Getting Started Documentation here. If you face any problem, please contact our support.

How can I receive support?
Just fill in this form with the details of your problem and one of us will reach out to you within 1 business day.
Can I suggest a new feature?

You are welcome to recommend new features, if we find them useful for most of our customers we will include them in our plugin. To request new features, please contact us here.

I need help setting the plugin?

We provide installation setup free of cost. Please fill in this form to request.

I’m a developer, can I customize this plugin?
Yes, you can use these hooks and filters to customize the plugin.
Can I import data from Wave to WooCommerce?
Yes, WooCommerce Wave Connector work both ways.
I’m already a user of WooCommerce and Wave, will there be a duplication problem?
If you map users and products from the mapping module duplication will never be a problem.

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